I was called in on this project by Proxima Milano, an Italian creative agency, to provide an overall concept, UX guidance and design and some UI/Assets production with a very tight delivery request: 6 weeks from contact to delivery.

My role, along with developing a concept in line with the product, a relevant UX design, and the production of all needed assets, included working with developers to identify golden nexus between delivery and innovation/entertainment, as well as compliance with current standards.

Website was released in 2 parts, currently online is the final (2) version, visible at: ​​​​​​​https://www.super-foodies.it/#/

The visual concept plays with the reference to the comics/super-hero world, especially the Marvel Universe, though softened to cater to the target (6-12 years old). Relevance is also given to the video assets available, along with animation and an homage to comics.

Some of the graphic assets were imposed (the logo, the packaging, etc.) so part of the challenge was to integrate what existed with the need for a captivating online experience. 

I also elaborated original character files for posters and 
Client: Proxima Milano, Milano, Italy
Design, concept, UX, UI: raffaella isidori
Illustrations/Digital assets: raffaella isidori
Development: Riccardo Gemelli, Davide Mensi
Time frame: Commission: mid-February 2019. First site delivery: Early April 2019, second site delivery: Early May 2019
Type of commission: contract

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