In 2017 Italian accounting firm gi consulting changed it's internal organisation, statute and name into studio gi. I was asked to restyle my logo from 2009 and implement new printed and digital assets.

The 2009 logo (you can see it here) had a very strong personality and appeal, and the client wanted a flattering integration of the "gi" with the new name, also because it had consolidated a strong memorability and was very established with the client's audience, as is the color scheme.
Most work, therefore, went into further polishing some of the graphic details and in producing a set of printed materials that would further reinforce the brand.
Strategy, design, concepts, UX, UI, web design, copywriting, photography, print production: raffaella isidori
HTML/CSS development: raffaella isidori
Time frame: April-July 2017
Type of commission: client
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