event design
the lecture
The event was organized on a two-day schedule: the first day, in the evening, we held the lecture at NABA.
the workshop
The following day we held the a full-day workshop. To complement the excellent training offered by Vitaly, we put a lot of effort into optimising the full experience for all participants, from the interactive swag-making to the organic lunch, with an eye on sustainability.
branding & Comms
website design
Based on WordPress, the website was conceived and entirely produced by me, including all visual assets, all writing and all UI elements.

GOALS - design an engaging event with a small budget (no-proft) to spur interest and kick off a series.

VALUE PROVIDED - designed, organized, and creative-directed the event, which engaged overall about 35 participants.

RESULTS - event was very well accepted and received excellent feedback.

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