Business Call to Action is the largest global inclusive business platform supporting core business solutions for development and providing public recognition for the private sector’s contribution to development. The BCtA Annual Forum is a side event of the UN General Assembly.

goals: designing an engaging, cohesive, and appealing look for the BCTA Annual Forum 2019; providing a turn-key digital project; managing the website content and the technical aspects.

value provided: designed a brand for event and a visual language; built, and managed a WordPress-based website; designed UX, UI, and all visual assents; created printed, digital comms, and social media material.

results: a cohesive and appealing image and online presence for the event, with a strong, declinable and potentially recurring brand, visual, and digital structure.
printed collateral
social media assets
Client: United Nations Development Programme - Business Call to Action, Istambul, Turkey
Branding: raffaella isidori
Design, UX, UI: raffaella isidori
Illustrations/Digital assets: raffaella isidori
WordPress development: raffaella isidori
Time frame: Commission: June 2019. Delivery: September 2019
Type of commission: contract

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