Hello Leon, Hello Ryan!

I have collected a few examples of my work that may be relevant, though, as anticipated, I have not worked on specific, software UI, though principles are principles, so regardless of the context, they need be best applied in any circumstance.

I have added a password, as the SuperFoodies project cannot be shared publicly at the moment, so, sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for understanding :)

For all these projects (as with most of my work, unless specified) I provided all aspects: the concept, the design, the UX and UI aspects, the copy (and microcopy), the visual assets, at times the photography, and/or the digital imaging, and often the development - mostly on the WordPress platform, or with basic HTML/CSS.

The first project, Super Foodies is very recent (went online April 7). After that I got busy organizing the latest (4th) edition of WPTranslationDay. Don’t have that in portfolio yet, but I have included - second project - the case history of WPTD3, which includes branding, a system creation, the site’s concept, UX, UI, assets, etc.

The third project, The Skill Nursery, is another example of system and UX/UI elaboration on a concept. This is a side project I have been working on, so it unfortunately doesn’t get as much love as it should, but I believe it can help you see how I try and keep an eye on the detail and an eye on the big picture in all projects.

Lastly, a business website, Mulberry Studio, part of a whole branding project, - like the others, completely designed, written, and developed (WP) by me - is an added example of my approach to ensuring that all details of a project are synergetic to the whole system and are designed to contribute to the transformation of a cared and careful UX into a positive and valuable CX.

More  digital projects can be found in the "digital | UX | UI" tab above. 

And I am at your disposal for any additional information you might desire. You can also see my CV at http://thesign.it/raffaellaisidori.pdf

:) thank you!

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