a bit of background
WPTranslationDay is a 24-hour global event dedicated to the translation of the WordPress ecosystem (core, themes, plugins). One of the first online conferences, it’s a unique and innovative event, a cool mix of digital and physical: the international community of the WP Polyglots will meet at the same time locally and digitally for a 24-hour translating marathon that will provide inspiration and training to both coders and translators on localizing and internationalizing through live talks and local meetups.In 2017, for the third edition, I was asked to take the design lead for the project. It was a special year, as the celebration was double: September 30 2017 was also designated as International Translation Day by the United Nations!

In 2019, for WordPress Translation Day 4, I led the Design team again, and co-led the Global organization and the Communications team.

Pushing branding and UX design

As the lead for the Design team again, I chose to "evolve" the work and the style of 2017, instead of totally changing. This was primarily to reinforce the brand and to give a cohesive, albeit innovated look to the project.

I kept the concept of the "evolving" website, changing header and landing page as time progressed. In fact, what you currently see online is the "after the event" recap, which you can also see in the video recording below.

making it personal!

All material was created in two variants, a light and a dark one, to allow for the personal preferences of all involved within a schema. Also, as an event featuring languages and translators, we decided to create some assets that could be personalized in the local language and used on social media.

Supporting the speakers
Lastly, it was important to further and consolidate the brand signatures to create continuity and to support the speakers, so I produced a set of coordinated slides masters on Google Slides to be personalized by to speakers, as well as intros for on-demand videos of talks and for speakers' cards.
Project Credits & Info:
Design, concepts, UX, UI, copywriting: raffaella isidori
Global project leads: Naoko Takano, Raffaella Isidori
Communications co-leads: Abha Thakor - Raffaella Isidori
Platform: WordPress
Time frame: February - May 2019
Type of commission: volunteer work

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